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I Saw Paris In Flames [entries|friends|calendar]
I Used To Be Interesting

I Saw Paris In Flames

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Don't Answer [Sunday]
How can I Put A Userinfo Link somewhere it usually isn't allowed? (Comment Posts)
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Just Cause I Like Pretzels... [Wednesday]
[ mood | Who'd Have Thunk It ]

Pretzels...Huh...Collapse )


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[ mood | jittery ]


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_readysteadygo is not going to be a "feelings Journal" or any crap like that.

I am not going to use it yet. I decided to hold off for a while.

I am think of starting like a fake-mini-for-my-friends-layout-help business

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[ mood | busy ]

My comp will break down AGAIN at any minute soooooo..........

I made Kelly bartel a new layout betteroffneway8  so go see that.

I am making myself a new one _readysteadygo

go see.

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Oh Man! It's true [Sunday]
[ mood | drained ]

What is haunting you in your dreams? (more dreams added! =D) by evilmistymisto
Your name?
Your username?
Your eye colour?
What is haunting you in your dreams?
How many disturbing dreams have you already had?26
When will your dream come true?June 12, 2008
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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MeMeMe [Saturday]
[ mood | blooblahbleeby? ]

My Sister Snet Me A Studip/Funny/Great Valentine!

Plus: Spoon Preveiw!!!

.:My::Sister::Loves::Me:.Collapse )

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Homecoming Eh? [Tuesday]
[ mood | I Am SOOOOO Hot ]

These are my homecoming pics. I went with Melissa Menne and there some explinations under the pictures.

Good Looking BitchesCollapse )

What A good, good time.

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Mmmmmm Paint [Saturday]
[ mood | Tired ]

This is a shot from Michigan that I forgot to Put Up last time.

WowILoveMichiganCollapse )

Please Tell Me What You Think

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Code for Andrea [Friday]
[ mood | Working hard... ]

This is the code. If you want it copy and paste it into your overrides box. You can change almost anything but I would at leat change the things in Green.

Check it out HERE

See one I am working on here rumble_rumble

ThisIsAsGoodAsItGetsCollapse )

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Once again... Brian Miller [Tuesday]
[ mood | Love this song!!! ]

O wow. Today was hill-arious.

The morning was average:

  1. fell asleep in health
  2. played an IMPOSSIBLE song in band
  3. online research during history

And then i went to lunch... and all hell broke loose.

I sat there with my "cool kids lunch" uncrustable, small milk, and cookie. And then i did it. I spilled my milk. I don't mean spilled it, i mean killed it. All over my self all over the  floor BUT

i didn't even freal out instead i just hung my head and let out a nice little

oh, shit.

Don't get me wrong, i tried to dry it but it was no use. This was like an entire carton. Made a nice giant piss stain all around my crotch too. The stain was so big that even as i carried geoffs book to try and cover it, it was no good.

Luckily, i've got some kick-ass friends and after we laughed until we cried, they walked "casually" around me in a tight ccircle until i got to my locker.

With my head hung in shame,


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Retainers are the work of satan!!! [Friday]
I got a reatainer.
It hurtslike I'm dying.
This is for you Robyn.

Maybe for your IM?Collapse )
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The Single Greatest Day Of My Life!! [Thursday]
[ mood | It's been a long 5 years ]

I got my braces off!
braces off!
braces off!

I am So excited. But, right now I am trying to change my almost-pearly whites into actually-pearly whites. Wooooooo..
Will post pics tomorrow.

(now braces free)

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Big Money! Big Money! [Wednesday]
[ mood | eh... ]

Preorder and get a free shirt. It's gonna be hot!!

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This Will Be The Death Of Me... [Monday]
[ mood | Artsy Like Hell ]

I sometimes get crazy sad, and I never knew why but I think I found a temporary solution.


I am always apologizing for everything! Even stuff that has no effect on me whatsoever becomes my fault and it makes me fell like crap.


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About My Evergrowing Lack of Apathy... [Thursday]
[ mood | I love this song!! ]

So happy about the posotive feed back.
I always thought that it took a special breed to be artsy like whatnot, and i honestly didn't think it was me. This is muy bueno!!!

You can check out more at these communities:

(hopefully if I'm accepted)

Thanks all!

Scream For Attention

Bleed Black and White [Wednesday]
[ mood | deep ]

So I am thinking about joining a community of B&W pics. Check these out and tell me what you think. By the way, exams suck. Some of them are easier than others but, they all suck equally. O man! Laura is crocheting me a hat! It's gonna be hot.

This Cant Be Good...Collapse )

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Thriller? Thriller! O man O man [Tuesday]
[ mood | Suprisingly Self-contious ]

There The faces of the stranger, but we love to try them on...

Insert Dramatic Whistiling HereCollapse )

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Some Photos Cause I'm Sad [Friday]
[ mood | Sad (turnabout) ]

Escape!!Collapse )

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love [Tuesday]
[ mood | Done ]

What Does A Guy Have To Do To Be Taken Seriously Around Here?

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